Being a Mother

Judge me if you must but this is brutal honesty.

I don’t always like being a mother and today is one of those days. Actually, I often times feel that way. Maybe it’s because I’m a single mother and get no assistance and so it’s extra challenging in every way, but I just don’t like it. I get tired of the responsibility. I’m not a fan of the childish issues I have to constantly mediate. I’m tired of having to constantly be running around to take them here and there, and I’m tired of not having a life of my own.

I don’t think I was made to be a mother and sometimes I wonder why god chose me for them. In reality I know they saved my life. I love them dearly and wouldn’t give them up or give up on them, but I still have these feelings inside. I work hard and bust ass FOR THEM. Everything I do is for them. I work as hard as I can to be the best mother I can but still, I just don’t want to be one.

However, I am one, and so I’ll make the best of it. So far, I’ve got two great kiddos. I hope they stay on the right path and I’ll keep working hard to make sure they do.


One thought on “Being a Mother

  1. Remember that emotions are like waves, they come and go. These feelings will pass. They do not make you a bad mother or a bad person. They make you normal. Everyone has these feelings sometimes. Validate your feelings. You are allowed to have them. If you make yourself feel bad for having them, they’ll just last longer. If you tell yourself “I am having a rough time right now, and it feels like I don’t want to be a mother at this time, but I know it will pass soon”, it will get better. Now I just have to tell myself that! (lol!) Care to help me out?

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