Abilify Users; Lucid Dreams/Hallucinations?

So the past two nights have been terrible. I’ve been having these I guess what would be considered lucid dreams. I’m half awake half asleep. Either that or it’s straight hallucinations. It only happens at night but I feel like this med is maybe giving me these psychotic episodes at nighttime. I am dead certain at night that there are evil things in my home and upstairs. I hear them using the bathroom (peeing and toilet flushing), I hear them walking around and rummaging through things. Two nights ago was the first time and I was so terrified. My boyfriend is in Florida on a trip so there’s really only so much the poor guy can do. Last night, even though I vowed I was going to stay at my mom’s or sister’s the next time my kids were away (they were both away this weekend), I thought I’d be ok and wanted to try to be a big girl.

Pfft. So much for that. As soon as night came I was getting scared. I went to bed, closed and locked my door and left my blinds open for the street light to light up my room. I kept a knife right by my bed.

It happened again. Around 3:30 or so I woke to the sound of the toilet flushing again. I heard all these loud noises like they were getting into things and they were getting closer to my room. I figured with the door locked, if they tried the knob I’d have warning enough to get my knife and be ready. I texted my boyfriend who thank God was either already awake or woke from my text. He suggested it may be the meds. So I googled and found this to sometimes be a side effect. OF COURSE!

So he calmed me down and I tried to go back to sleep. It happened AGAIN. This time not just auditory hallucinations, visual as well. My cat wanted in (apparently) and I was too afraid to let him in. These evil things disguise themselves as familiar things to me that I care about so they can entice me to come out. My cat slid his body through the half inch space under the door between the door and carpet and was up on my bed with me. Not true. None of it happened. This morning, door still locked and no cat, and no plastic bag in the hallway that I kept hearing being messed with.

It’s terrifying and I can’t spend every night like this. I can’t wait to see my psychiatrist finally on the 30th.

Anyone else have similar stories?


One thought on “Abilify Users; Lucid Dreams/Hallucinations?

  1. Hey kid.
    Liz had gone through a few months of wanting to do nothing other than sleep. Sure, some of the meds she was on for a myriad of reasons could cause drowsiness, but not to the degree of taking three hour naps an hour after she woke up and watching TV for an hour or two before her next nap.
    And when she was awake, she just wasn’t there.
    They added Abilify.
    Within a couple of days she was wide awake till 5AM, mopping the floors and painting mandalas. Or reading (and re-reading and re-reading and re-reading the same paragraphs over and over and over again). During the rest of the day she just stayed wired. Not the BPD variety of wired, just …
    … overactive.
    She also lost almost one-hundred pounds while on a medicine that was notorious for weight gain.
    Shit… they’ll give you a list of thirty or forty different side effects (Normal, Unusual, Rare) that can come with hand-in-hand with the benefits which can literally mean tens of thousands of possible combinations of side effects, and it’s a crap shoot which ones will show up in your mind or at your door at 3AM.
    I would think a text or phone message to your doctor might be in order, because one of the side-effects that could be getting in the way is fear of the Abilify.

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