When will it end…

I’m miserable today. I woke up alright and then I got out of bed and life decided it was already time to start shitting all over me.

So my car was parked by the mailbox. Not directly in front of it, but close enough that the mailman couldn’t conveniently just pull in and reach the mailbox. I went to go to work on Thursday, already running late, and my car wouldn’t start.

My sister’s husband brought me this charger thing and it didn’t work. Like the device itself wasn’t working. I’m fucking 5’2 a little over 100lbs and my boyfriend lives 40 minutes away. Unfortunately where I live, people would rather complain, than come offer a helping hand.

So this morning my boyfriend came and moved my car for me. In my windshield was a note.

“PLEASE”…Do not park this close to the mailbox…the mailman cannot deliver our mail…thank you!”

Seriously? I’ve been out there since Thursday with the hood open, trying to get something to do something so I could move my car. What the fuck I was supposed to do?

So, I decided to write back…

“So sorry to have ruined your day. My car broke down. Thanks for the captain obvious advice though. Thanks!”

So after the mailman comes today, guess who’s taping the note to the mailbox? (It’s a community mailbox type thing so all of my neighbors go to the one box and we each have our own actual mailbox in the giant box). My boyfriend just rolled his eyes at me. Unsupportive. But fuck! If everyone else is going to insist on being so petty over everything in my life, then so am I. I’m so over this place. Apparently me and my red hair just have to go. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here. If I had to money to sell my house, I’d fucking go now and move in with my boyfriend, but I don’t have the money.

Fuck. My. Life.


What say you?

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