I need to Die

So I know I seemed fine in my last post and I was trying really hard but today has been rough and I just keep getting worse.

I can’t wait until that date on my calendar. It’s way too far away but FUCK I know I have to. This just isn’t right. It’s not right that any human being has to live this way. It’s no fucking way to live. How am I supposed to just survive like this?


I don’t understand.

Everything hurts. Every-fucking-thing. EVERYTHING!!!!

Do you get it?! How is this acceptable!? How it is ok that I wake up every morning and instantly I’m filled with dread. This fucking poison. I can’t do it anymore. I just fucking can’t.


3 thoughts on “I need to Die

  1. Ugh, everything you’ve said here is too familiar. I hope your pain is less intense today. Just remember that when it can’t actually get any fucking worse, it means that it can only get better. I’m rooting for you, sister. Hang in there. Don’t let the poison win. Xx

  2. Hello

    It is not acceptable and is not ok; some people’s lives are filled with much more suffering than others through no fault of their own and sometimes because someone else did or did not do something to cause that suffering which makes it doubly wrong. We should all have an equal chance at happiness but we don’t and that makes me angry too.

    I’m sorry that your life is something to endure until it is over. I hope that these are the dark times before the light and the better times you deserve.


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