I’m trying this again. It seems that when I write posts from my phone, that’s when they show up blank. I have to figure this out.

does anyone have any topic suggestions in relation to BPD that you’d like me to write about?

4 thoughts on “Topics?

  1. My BPD ghosted me 2 years ago right after she moved in and we ordered our wedding rings…we never argued or fought ever! then one day, poof. An angry text from out of nowhere telling me she moved out..I have not heard anything from her since then (though there have been some online and phone ‘stuff’ that was likely her).

    I am largely over it but I am still amazed by it all and wonder about this or that. I know that she does not have a replacement for me. Does she think about me? What goes through her head? I realize everyolne is different even with BPD, but what would your perspective be?

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