Why it’s time

Problems with my neighbors.

I don’t understand people, probably never will and I don’t know how to socialize. Do I even want to? Who fucking knows.

I’ve been hurt my entire life. Clearly I’m not meant to be here for happiness or positive purpose.

Kids will be better off. Don’t tell me otherwise. 

I’m replaceable at work. Who isn’t?

I fail all over the place. Struggling financially. Can’t make it through one day without wanting to die.

Which brings me to another point. I can’t go another fucking day like this.

Family doesn’t respect me for anything.

I’m never good enough. 

What am I even fucking doing here? What a joke.


One thought on “Why it’s time

  1. I understand that you feel worthless. I think we are taught how to see ourselves through others eyes as we grow up. People who teach children that they are valueless are wrong. I hope in the future you will see how valuable you really are.


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