What’s going on right now?

I have no idea. I’m in a weird state of mind right now. Like im bothered by something but I don’t know what. I’m on this brink. Of so many different emotions. I don’t know what’s happening. I need to be out of my mind asleep right now just to get away from my brain. It needs shit off for the night already. I hate this. What is this?


One thought on “What’s going on right now?

  1. Hi Mandi
    I know there is a time gap between you posting and my replies. I hope that you have managed to sleep and that this may have helped although I know full well that it probably has not; I still hope you feel better.

    I do not know what is happening for you but as you ask and as a guess maybe this is related to the dissociative side of BPD as you seem separated from your emotions ??

    What matters is that you don’t feel good at all 😦 I’m still hoping for you.


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