Bad Dreams and Voices

Not a good night. I’ve been up since a little past 4am when I was woken up by a terrible dream. I was so relieved when I saw my boyfriend but for a bit I didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t get back to sleep but I tried. And then the voices. I could hear them upstairs talking loudly. I don’t think it was the same men then have often attacked me in the middle of the night but like those men, they didn’t seem to care that we, or I, could hear them and knew they were there. I woke my boyfriend up again and he said no one was here and then they all stopped talking but I couldn’t sleep still. Just waiting for the next bad dream, voice, or room invasion like they’ve done to me before.

I’m trying to chalk it all up to my high stress day but who knows. I’ve been dealing with nightmares and shit like this since I can remember.


3 thoughts on “Bad Dreams and Voices

  1. Hi. I’ve always gotten bad nightmares since I was little. I go through periods of time where I will get them sometimes multiple times a night. Then I’ll go a little while, a few weeks or so where I won’t get any, and then it’ll start again. I thought maybe it was stress related but I’ve had a couple of hardcore episodes in these past couple of months and don’t remember significant nightmares on those nights. They’re so bad sometimes they’re like hallucinations. I often think I am awake and have even checked my body for signs that it did or didn’t actually happen. My boyfriend now lives with me but I had him spend the night one night on this week that I was getting them so badly, and it happened that night and he said I wasn’t awake but I was making noise in my sleep. It’s pretty nuts and really sucks. I have insomnia as it is and that surely doesn’t help.

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