A little self reflection

I just realized something about myself. I really suck at being there for people closest to me. I’m selfish. My boyfriend is going through some stressful things and I can really only imagine that is why he is being alone right now, and rather than being an understanding and empathetic girlfriend, I’m sitting here going crazy inside. Thinking about how rejected and abandoned I feel. It’s making me so mad at him and all I want to do is voice my anger and push him even further away but I’m sitting here trying to control myself and keep it all inside because I’m sure that’s the last thing he needs right now, is my crazy.

I don’t know what to do with myself though. I’m raging inside and freaking out and I’m making this all about me. I don’t know how else to handle thing or how to make this all go away.

I’m so lost right now.


What say you?

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