Fuck the world

I am so pissed off. How do my meds just go missing? I have had my anxiety meds stolen from me twice, and now my sleeping meds, brand new bottle, are just fucking gone.

I don’t even believe in God anymore. This life is so fucked up. So now I’m just not supposed so sleep for a month until I can get a new prescription.


I’m so done. So fucking done. I’m tired of feeling like I’m constantly being tortured and trapped in this mental fucking hell. I don’t even give a fuck if hell is real and I end up there. How much worse could it possibly be. Fucking seriously.

I just want to fucking disappear. Die. Just be gone and never be missed. I want to go unremembered. Right now.

5 thoughts on “Fuck the world

  1. Remember to take a deep breath and think about what happened before you overreact. There was an easy explanation. Remember to reread this before you want to freak out next time about something. I love you

  2. Did you leave it on the couch, and then it got stuck inside the cushions? That shit happens to me all the time….

    Sorry it’s been a rough go for you. 😦

      1. awww…gads no! Don’t feel that way! Shit happens, and the end result is a good thing, right? Hell I spent 3 hours yesterday looking for something, only to find it was like, LITERALLY sitting next to me, but my brain didn’t recognize it for what it was.

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