Working Out

Ok. So I used to workout like crazy. At least an hour a day, sometimes more. I felt really good about myself, not even so much physically, but mentally. It felt good to do something healthy for myself and it just felt awesome. Then I did a Tough Mudder and once I was done, I didn’t even want to hear the word exercise. It was killer but a neat accomplishment. I told myself I’d just take a break but that break turned into a couple of years. Other than a light workout for dance class on Saturdays, I really have been doing nothing.

I started doing some work from home things for like 2 days that didn’t stick. I need something with a routine and something that really pushes me. I was going to face my fears and join a gym and then my boyfriend mentioned money and now I am back at square 1. 

BUT, I could always just do Insanity again and go from there. He said I could claim the garage for an hour a day. 

The problem? I have huge anxieties about someone walking in on me. I had this whole plan about how I was going to do the gym thing but I think if I just know that no one will walk in on me at home, I will be ok. At least after the first few times.

So Insanity, here I come.


2 thoughts on “Working Out

  1. Insanity can stay at bay! The WMCA has really good options, and the fee is sliding scale. They have yoga, tai chi, bellydancing all kinds of classes. Swimming. If you cant afford it, it is free!

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