In the Mirror

When you look in the mirror

Who do you see?

I bet you just see you,

The same way that I do


When I look in the mirror

I don’t know who she is

I bet I don’t see

Who you see in me


I see a stranger

An unrecognizable face

Someone I don’t know

Someone so out of place


I look at her deeply

There’s so much in her eyes

Yet down to the core

There’s nothing inside


The pain is in there

Masking everything else

But its way too consuming

There’s nothing else to be felt


Her masks are abundant

They’re her saving grace

But when she looks in the mirror

She never recognizes her face


One thought on “In the Mirror

  1. The soul is seen through your very eyes, the earthen vessel always a surprise, looking deep and loving strong, hating the rage that moves us along. It powers the engine, hear it roar, bringing you motivation and curiosity galore.

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