The Conflict

She’s hot

She’s cold

She’s nowhere in between

She’s here

She’s there

She just wants to be seen

Seen as normal

Seen as herself

But how can she expect them to know someone

That she doesn’t know herself

She’s lonely

She’s overwhelmed

By your presence or lack thereof

Please stay

No, go

She’s not sure what she wants

Leave them

They’ll leave you

Destroy them before they do

Hurt yourself

Or they will

Kill yourself

Before it kills you

One thought on “The Conflict

  1. We take your hand and jump in faith to a mysterious fantastic place, where emotions are hot and passion is raw, we bring together the beauty in spontaneity that calls out to us, to live to feel to breath to know, that where the wind blows the flowers grow. Some of the best flowers grow out of manure, so keep your spirit and be pure.

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