The Haunting

She sits right there on her bench

Listening to its voice

It talks so much and she tries not to listen

But she doesn’t have a choice

What’s it like to be like them? She asks

You will never know.

You’re not like them, you’re different.

So she nodded and walked back home

Again there on that bench she sits

Trying to drown it out

Why do you never shut up? She asks

Why do you always scream and shout?

I live to cause you pain.

I survive by drinking your tears,

And feasting on your soul, you see,

Your body, your mind, your fears.

You can’t live without me.

Until the day you die I’ll be,

Sitting right here behind you,

Laughing at you while you bleed.

I will follow you wherever you go.

For you there is no escape.

You think you will be free of me,

But when you die, I’ll still be awake.


One thought on “The Haunting

  1. Very gifted writer. I hear you using that voice to make a beautiful poem. thank you for turning it around on that voice. Here is one praising you for your talent, that you are worthy and offer pieces of value.

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