Over it

I really just can’t do this anymore. I am just done. I’m tired of worrying and thinking and feeling sick and anxious and being unable to eat. I just want to live my god damn life.

So fucking over it.


2 thoughts on “Over it

  1. Hey! I know this was posted a little while ago but I hope between then and now that you’re not so over things anymore. I remember being in that place many times before, and I look back on it and just feel so happy that I decided to keep pushing through the tough times. For me, when things get too overwhelming I just take things one day at a time instead of trying to fix everything at once. My therapist didn’t agree with that method because she thinks long-term goals are important, but sometimes you just need to get through the “right now” before thinking further ahead. And I think that long-term goals are the worst when you feel overwhelmed because, for me at least, it creates more anxiety when I compare where I want to be and where I am now, making me feel stuck and creating more frustration. That’s why I try to take life one day at a time when it becomes too much. I just set little goals to accomplish. Since I’m still at university, most of those goals are school-related, such as “finish these assignments by the weekend” or “write a really impressive paper on a topic”. However I have learned that good friends make the tough times a million times better, so when life becomes too much I try to get at least one person to meet with me for a coffee or smoothie so I can chill and vent if I need to. And that in itself gives me something to look forward to. So if Monday – Thursday is beating me up, well at least I know by Friday I can relax with friend X, which makes the tough week more tolerable. Though sometimes I spontaneously call and say I’m on my way to their house and hope they’re home xD Those are the moments when I really can’t cope and it’s better to have someone than become absorbed in my negative thinking while on my own. So you just need to find what works for you to get you through these moments. It’s not impossible I swear! I know you can find what works and power through the anxiety and everything else! ❤

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