So I finally get it. I don’t know why it took til now or how it finally sunk in, but I know what he is looking for.

If anyone reading this has followed my blog well, you will know that I’m a very emotional person and I tend to make reactive decisions based on emotions I have at that very moment.

One of the first things I learned in therapy, which is a very hard skill for me, is using wise mind. I don’t use this much at all. If I did, I wouldn’t be in this situation. 

So I get it. I need to get through this rough patch. Let him officially move out which I’m sure will spark up some intense emotions for a period of time. It’s not to say it won’t ever affect me again but in time the emotions will settle and I will be able to make a decision using my wise mind. 

For those that don’t know, wise mind is like logic meets emotion. The gray area between the two. 

I don’t even know if he will still be around when this happens but I am going to do this, I WILL, and hope for the best.


One thought on “Newsflash

  1. I remember that part of therapy when I was told to use the “rational mind” vs the “emotional mind”. I myself am also really emotional (I have BPD also so I know how it is!) and it was quite the transition to take a step back when I was feeling so much in the moment, but it really does help when you can step back and look at things logically instead of running with your feelings. Mastering that makes handling situations easier. It took a lot of mistakes and a lot of reflecting on the mistakes before getting to the point where I could manage things better. It also takes constantly putting it into practice rather than trying to be better but eventually falling off and getting worse cuz you stopped trying (I’ve been there/done that). I wish you all the best. I know you can do it! 🙂

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