Hello Nighttime

So I’ve come to realize that evenings and nighttime are the hardest for me with all that is going on. I’m not entirely sure why. 

I just find myself unable to stop obsessing over the issue and trying to fight the urge to text him and wish he would just love me and take me back.

Not talking to him is the worst but I know that’s what is best and what he wants right now. The quicker I can start what is basically a grieving process, the quicker I can work on things and hopefully one day be with him again. 

I’ve never been such a little puppy to anyone before, following him around in my head and just wanting him. His attention.

I’m trying so hard to stay focused on the work and effort and not this ridiculous need to do anything I can to stop these worries and emotions. They’re just unbearable this time of day right now. I hope this gets easier.


What say you?

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