Looking Up

Well things are turning around. Break up is official. I was really upset but now I’m feeling better about it. Relationships just aren’t for me and I accept that. This is just who I am and I accept that I don’t need to fit into this mold that I think I should fit into. I am ok just being me and needing what I need for myself, and not what society may think I should be.

In a month or so I will begin studying to get my real estate license. I need extra income. My sister is a realtor so we are going to team up and work together. I’m really excited about it and hope it works out well.

Money has been tight lately, not that that is news or anything. I have had some positives in that respect so I can’t complain too much. I’m making it so that is really all that matters.

I have therapy all set up through March so that is good. My meds are all figured out and perfect now so that is also good. Things are looking up 🙂


What say you?

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