Down in the dumps

Today just isn’t a good day! I’m very depressed and am starting to panic. I just want emotions to go away. Life is so much easier without them. The only thing I wish to feel is love for my kids and family. Why can’t it be that easy.

I feel like everything is caving in on me. I don’t like this.

I just want to cry a good cry. My last self harm left a decent scar and sadly it’s the word hate. I will have to tattoo over that.

I just need to get through this hump and I will be ok. I don’t have therapy next til the 28th. I wish it was today. But I do see my psychiatrist on Friday.

I hate everything right now. The only joy in my life right now is the birthday party I am planning for my daughter. She is going to be so happy. I can’t wait to see her face and to watch her and her friends have a good time.


What say you?

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