My friend, my blog

Sometimes I feel like my blog is the only one I can talk to. I just don’t trust or want to burden people, or they just aren’t helping, and this is all I have left.

I’m out drinking. I just can’t bare anything right now. Everything hurts and right now I just need to numb the pain. Get out of myself. Idk. Anywhere but here. In my head.

I am so tired of this life. So fucking tired. I’ve been so stressed out lately and I am just this ticking time bomb that explodes over the smallest things and resets and blows up over and over. I’m starting to have nightmares again. Not sleeping soundly at all.

Something has got to give. Alcohol is all I have right now.


One thought on “My friend, my blog

  1. Too much stress for too long makes it very difficult for me to feel I can cope or to feel like there are positives in anything. It also makes me irritable. The brain wasn’t designed for long-term stress. Lack of good quality sleep seems to cause me similar problems. One night of alcohol (unless very excessive) really isn’t all that bad, and I hope it gives you a bit of space from the stress. I hope the stress calms down, and you manage to get some quality sleep, soon. x

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