Figuring things out

Well I am 4 weeks post surgery and am feeling awesome. I am allowed to go back to work early, Monday, but was yelled at for working out so soon. Bummer because it was really making me feel good but I promised no more exercising for another two weeks. Only walking she said. Boo.

I’m really excited to get my routine back. I have noticed some really positive mood changes since surgery which may be some hormonal balance going on, but I’m curious to see if that remains after going back to work. I guess we will see.

I learned something about myself yesterday. In some ways it’s been right in front of me for years but I guess it was so normal to me because it’s how I grew up, that I never realized how much it added to my BPD symptoms. Long story short, I need to stop being such a people pleaser. I need to do things that make me feel good, regardless of what others think, and I need to and deserve to refrain from things that don’t make me happy or feel good. And that needs to be respected or that person doesn’t deserve a place in my life. I am tired of people trying to change me. If I don’t want to go out because it affects my anxiety, then I don’t have to go. If I don’t feel comfortable doing something else, it’s final. I tend to go outside of my comfort zone too much for others and all it does is create a lot of internal conflict for me and a lot of resentment toward the other person until it turns into pure hatred and I explode. I’m so over that! And I feel great about this and great about myself.

This surgery has been somewhat life changing and although it had its own set of stressors, I’d do it all again.


What say you?

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