Fear of abandonment- raw

Talk about fear of abandonment. This is the ultimate. This past week of mine has been so hard. My newly boyfriend disappeared via text for over 24 hours. I was a wreck. I thought he was done with me. It turns out he just broke his phone. I was overwhelmed with emotions and couldn’t stop crying.

Now he just found out that this job he applied for months ago, just offered him the job. This is his dream job. The problem? It’s in Virginia. I’m in Pennsylvania. He says he wants to stay together. Again, I am a wreck. I feel like my life is ending. My whole world is crashing down on me.

Earlier today my good friend didn’t respond to my text quickly and I was for sure he was leaving me too. This all has me so afraid. My inner child is desperately in need of help.

I am in so much pain. 


One thought on “Fear of abandonment- raw

  1. So sad to read this, I feel your pain. It feels like the ground underneath you has disappeared and you’re plummeting into the abyss with nothing to cling on to. Even worse is when I’ve been pushing friends and loved ones away for months and months and then I’m horrified and angry and confused and offended when they’re not there for me when I need them. The classic “I hate you, don’t leave me.” Sigh. I truly hope you can work things out with a rational mind, even though I know that may seem impossible right now. Believe in yourself xx

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