My Bucket List

Things to Do and Places to Go (in no particular order)

1. Learn to play my guitar – I was going to teach myself but it was harder than I thought. I may try to teach myself again, but either way, I just want to learn it. I love singing and find it very therapeutic. I just want to be able to pick up my guitar, play and sing when I don’t feel ok.

2. See a panda bear in real life (Man, if I could arrange to actually touch one, even better.)

3. Write/publish a book.

4. Visit Italy – I’m not sure I even care to do a bunch of tourist stuff. I’m not much of a tourist. I really just want to experience the feel of being there. I just want to go, stay in a regular hotel, and just be there. Go out to eat. Walk and wander around. Just be there.

5. Visit Tennessee – Smoky Mountains – there’s these really cool cabins you can rent out. They’re mostly secluded from the other cabins. They have hot tubs in AND outside on their decks. Some overlooking the woods, and there are hiking trails. I want to go there.

6. Visit Arizona – Sedona

7. Visit The UK – Again, no touristy stuff. I just want to be there. Visit different restaurants and just wander around.

8. Visit one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants in New York. I’d love to visit one of his restaurants in the UK (Ideal!), but I’d be totally happy visiting one in NY. It’s so close to me. This can easily be done. He even has a special table you can reserve where you can see the chef cooking!

9. Go on a road trip. Mostly unplanned. At the most I may have certain points I want to stop at, but I think it’d be cool to just drive. No destination. Just drive and see what cool things and little restaurants I find along the way.

10. Have a day at a spa with all the pampering!

11. Learn how to drive stick-shift.