Got through another day

Work was crazy again today but I wasn’t as stressed about it as I was yesterday. I do find that with the management stuff I’ve been doing, I’ve hardly had any time for my own accounts. Tomorrow I need to get caught up after I finish this project for my boss. People weren’t emailing me like they were yesterday either which was a good break. I’m not giving myself any new accounts though so eventually my time will free up a little.

One friend of mine at work knows about my anxiety and takes the same medicine as me. She told me today that I’m like a different person lately and I even look better like the color of my face. She said I was pale and looked tense and now I have color and look relaxed. Good to know!!

Tonight I do feel a little stressed about tomorrow but I’m trying to stay positive. I wrote myself a note of what I need to get done tomorrow so I shouldn’t be worrying about it all night. “Shouldn’t.”


On a streak!

I’m still feeling good. This is the second weekend now that I didn’t spend stressing and obsessing over going back to work. My hot water heater and heater stopped working on Tuesday. The first and second day I just sucked it up and took a cold bath. I can’t not be clean. Then it started getting real cold in here and I couldn’t stand it anymore so I stayed at my mom’s Thursday night. Took a hot shower. So the plumber comes yesterday and it turns out it wasn’t my hot water heater or heater at all that were broken, it was the outlet they were plugged into! Lucky for me the electrician came right away and fixed it. Super easy he said. Then I had a carpet guy come to measure my house for new carpet. I can’t wait!! They’re having a huge sale right now too.

I think I’m going to let go of my website. It gets decent traffic but my blog gets more. My biggest source of traffic is my post about BPD and pushing loved ones away. It comes up in google searches pretty well. I guess it’s a hot topic. Maybe if I just title more posts about specific educational topics I will get even more traffic and won’t need the site. I’m just getting tired of paying for it.

It’s not a lot in terms of quantity but I got my kids their gifts for Christmas. They were expensive. I got my daughter a laptop. She’s been asking for one for a while, and I got my son a tv for his room. I had my sister get each of them a playstation4 as they both asked for one. This way they can play whenever they want or with friends so we aren’t all sharing the tv. For a while I was so upset because I didn’t think I would have any money to get them anything at all but it’s working out. Idk why I stress because every year I figure it out.

Imposter Syndrome

Definition: concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

My therapist told me about this at my last appointment because I was describing how I feel about work and apparently I have this. I am always worried that I am not good and that eventually my bosses will see that. I have facts that backup the contrary but I can’t bring myself to believe them.

Apparently this is common in people that have BPD. I googled it and there were a few articles.

Today I did well again. I thought about work today a bit more than I did yesterday but I wasn’t freaking out like I usually do so that’s good. I hope this stays. I’m excited to tell my doctor how I did this weekend. I even did a few things around the house which is an accomplishment because I’ve had zero motivation due to how bad my anxiety was.

Good day.


I started a new medicine for my anxiety. I also got my lamictal back. I’m hoping it’s the meds because today I felt normal. I haven’t been obsessively thinking about work and things that cause me anxiety and I haven’t been shaky and paranoid. A couple of times work popped into my head for a couple of seconds and I was ok. I was able to redirect my thoughts. I hope this stays. Tomorrow is Sunday and that means the next day is work so I hope I can make it through. Here’s to hoping I’ve finally found the right medicine.

New meds & more

I guess I’ll start with the medication. My doctor prescribed Ativan for my anxiety. Low dose. I tried it and it didn’t really do much. He allowed for three a day so I tried two and I’m thinking it may be good. It doesn’t cure me of my anxiety but helps to take some of the edge off. We will see. I’m going to give it some more time.

Yesterday was AWFUL. Two significant stressful issues at work that left me crying at my desk. I don’t even want to talk about them because I’m trying not to obsess over them. I hate how my mind does that. It just keeps replaying things over and over. It’s consuming. Today didn’t start out well but I’m trying to be ok.

DBT skills. Lately I’ve been feeling like “fuck these so called skills”. They don’t work. They aren’t skills. They’re distractions. Which my therapist would probably say is a skill in and of itself. Isn’t distracting yourself from a problem the same as suppressing? I feel like I need to plead my case on this. It’s exhausting and all it does is make me feel like a failure when I can’t even manage to do a stupid skill that other people do mindlessly all of the time.

I guess that’s all. Things have been decent otherwise. Some good things going on. School started for the kids which means more work for me but it’s good for them. Sports and stuff.

Positivity surge 

I just got a wave of positivity over me. I read my horoscope for this month. I wish I would have read it sooner. It didn’t tell me that anything was going to work out but it did tell me that these things would be happening. It just makes me feel like my life is on track. It says it’s a great opportunity for growth even tho it’s awkward. Growth is good. I am hopeful right now. I am behind the scenes afraid because I don’t want to lose this feeling but I’m still ok. I don’t want to ruin this.

No Hope, New Job?

Well I’ve been back at work since Monday. I was excited to come back so I could not only get back into my daily routine but so I could start getting a full paycheck again. Since coming back, I don’t feel well again and I’ve come to see that my job is a huge source of stress for me and stress for me leads to my BPD symptoms coming out, sometimes very strong. What’s causing the stress? Boredom. Sales have been down for quite some time and that means my job has been very slow. I literally, almost every day, sit and stare at my screen, play on my phone, surf the internet and listen to music. While some would think, “That’s great! You get paid to do that!?”, it kills me. Boredom is a playground for my BPD. It leads nowhere good. When I was home from surgery, I at least had a tv to escape into. I also didn’t listen to the doctor and did more activities than what I was supposed to, but I wasn’t bored like I am here. There is no mental stimulation whatsoever. That and I am just sitting. All day. Nothing active. When I was home, I was watching my fair share of tv because I wasn’t supposed to be doing much else, but I started working out every day, pulled weeds, cleaned. I DID things. I can’t do things here. I feel like I am wasting my time and life away when I could be doing real things that benefit me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I’ve accomplished some things here that were goals of mine and I am very proud of myself. I’ve gotten promoted a few times and have made it to supervisor and that felt really good. Do I want to give that up? No, not really. Do I need to? Maybe? Possibly. For my sanity.

So now what? The things I want to do will be tough transitions, and transitions they will be. They won’t be as easy as just finding a job and switching over from this to that all while not skipping a paycheck. I don’t want another 8-5 job where I sit at a desk and talk on the phone. I used to love this but it’s just not my thing anymore. Plus my job has evolved to where the accomplishments are so mundane anymore. I don’t get to use my creativity the way I used to when they first created this position. Everything evolves but this isn’t fulfilling anymore.

I decided a few months back that I was going to get my real estate license and do that on the side. My sister is a realtor so she was going to help me. Now I’m thinking I need to dive into that harder and hope it takes off enough that I can leave my job here and not be in financial hardship. What then? There’s more! I’ve always been into fitness. I got out of it for a little while after I did a Tough Mudder, but have recently started back up and I love it. Being active is good for me, mentally and physically. I want to be a yoga instructor. SO…to start, I’m going to start regularly attending yoga classes. It’s going to cost some money but I can make it work because that’s what I do. When I want something, I make it happen. (Except getting rid of this BPD shit. Can’t seem to do that.) So, current job and real estate, then real estate and yoga. It’d be awesome if yoga really took off and eventually I could have my own studio. That’s not a necessity but it’d be cool. I am excited for this change and while I would like it all to happen overnight, I know it will be, like I said before, a tough and long transition. It will surely take time and I need to be patient. The fact that I will have things in place to work up to this along the way will help me get through this job every day.

Now, to the “No Hope” part of my post title. My symptoms were next to nothing while I was at home recovering. They’ve since come back now that I’m working again and have met someone that I heaven forbid have some sort of feelings for. I don’t know why or how this happens. I want to be alone because I feel it’s safer, and someone always comes along. Being alone may be safer, but it’s lonely. I am trying to do things differently this time though. I usually rush the whole process and before I know it I’m in a committed relationship and shit hits the fan and then before I know it, it’s all trashed. Not this time. I have no idea if anything will come of it but I’m focusing on being friends first. My symptoms are still there, which makes it still very hard, but it’s a reminder to me as to why I need to move very slowly and cautiously with this. No sense in throwing titles in there only for them to have to be taken away because I “can’t handle it”. I feel good about this new approach. It’s how it should be anyway but it’s new to me and it feels good and right to do things this way.

I know this post is forever long, and if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. I write for me, to get things out, but it’s nice when I hear or see that people have read it. I appreciate it. I’ve been working really hard at staying positive and not letting myself escalate out of control. I’ve had a couple of moments here and there, but I do give myself credit because I have done very well actually. I just sometimes feel like this will never go away. That is very discouraging, especially to know that I might be right. Might also not be right, but might be right.

Figuring things out

Well I am 4 weeks post surgery and am feeling awesome. I am allowed to go back to work early, Monday, but was yelled at for working out so soon. Bummer because it was really making me feel good but I promised no more exercising for another two weeks. Only walking she said. Boo.

I’m really excited to get my routine back. I have noticed some really positive mood changes since surgery which may be some hormonal balance going on, but I’m curious to see if that remains after going back to work. I guess we will see.

I learned something about myself yesterday. In some ways it’s been right in front of me for years but I guess it was so normal to me because it’s how I grew up, that I never realized how much it added to my BPD symptoms. Long story short, I need to stop being such a people pleaser. I need to do things that make me feel good, regardless of what others think, and I need to and deserve to refrain from things that don’t make me happy or feel good. And that needs to be respected or that person doesn’t deserve a place in my life. I am tired of people trying to change me. If I don’t want to go out because it affects my anxiety, then I don’t have to go. If I don’t feel comfortable doing something else, it’s final. I tend to go outside of my comfort zone too much for others and all it does is create a lot of internal conflict for me and a lot of resentment toward the other person until it turns into pure hatred and I explode. I’m so over that! And I feel great about this and great about myself.

This surgery has been somewhat life changing and although it had its own set of stressors, I’d do it all again.

Looking Up

Well things are turning around. Break up is official. I was really upset but now I’m feeling better about it. Relationships just aren’t for me and I accept that. This is just who I am and I accept that I don’t need to fit into this mold that I think I should fit into. I am ok just being me and needing what I need for myself, and not what society may think I should be.

In a month or so I will begin studying to get my real estate license. I need extra income. My sister is a realtor so we are going to team up and work together. I’m really excited about it and hope it works out well.

Money has been tight lately, not that that is news or anything. I have had some positives in that respect so I can’t complain too much. I’m making it so that is really all that matters.

I have therapy all set up through March so that is good. My meds are all figured out and perfect now so that is also good. Things are looking up 🙂